Endovascular Neurosurgery represents a less invasive approach for the treatment of vascular disorders of the brain and spinal cord such as aneurysm, avm, and av fistula. These techniques can also be used to treat acute stroke (when a large vessel in the brain becomes blocked suddenly), or in the treatment of particular brain and spinal tumors. Endovascular approaches involve a needle stick either at the wrist or the groin, where catheters (long flexible hollow tubes) are introduced and steered under fluoroscopic guidance to the area of interest, usually the brain. Once access has been achieved, a number of techniques can be employed to treat the lesion of interest. Please take a look at our “endovascular technology” page to learn more about how vascular disorders of the brain are treated through an endovascular approach.  Dr. Woodall has advanced training in both endovascular and open surgical treatment  of vascular disorders of the brain and spinal cord (Aneurysm/AVM). He is one of two surgeons in Athens with fellowship training in cerebrovascular surgery.

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